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Chunkito Cheeks cloth diapers are simple to wash. No special detergents are needed, we use Tide at home, but you can use any of the major detergent brands out there!

We do not recommend using any home made detergents or organic/natural brands. Your diapers do need the soap found in major detergents to get fully clean. These homemade and organic/natural brands often do not have the components needed to clean your diapers and can result in a buildup of residue that will give off an odor and cause rashes or skin irritations. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals that are stronger than the detergents you would use on your clothing, nor do we recommend using bleach on your diapers.

These harsh chemicals can actually break down the fibers of the diaper and cause cracks in the pul or other materials that will result in leaks and a loss of function. We HIGHLY recommend you let your diaper shells (cover or pocket sans inserts) line dry or tumble dry on very LOW heat. Subjecting your diapers to HIGH heat can cause the PUL to crack and/or delaminate and will severely affect the lifespan of your diapers. To keep your diapers in tip top shape, wash with regular detergent using warm (we don’t recommend HOT water) on a regular to heavy setting. We do not recommend setting to a sanitize setting for EVERY wash.

Though, we see the benefit of possibly doing 1 HOT or SANITIZE wash per month. Make sure there is plenty of water in the machine when you are washing your diapers. A lack of water will result in the detergent not completely washing out of your diapers and cause unwanted odors or skin irritations. I personally like to do additional rinse when the wash cycle is complete, in cold water, to ensure that all the detergent has left the diapers. But this is unnecessary if you wish not to do that step. Hang dry/LOW heat tumble dry shells. Regular dryer/high heat is okay for the inserts.

To get stains out of inserts we recommend good old UV sunshine! It really works miracles getting stains out. Even try a squeeze of lemon juice onto them before putting in the sun. We do NOT recommend sunning your shells/covers. Pockets being sunned should remain with the inner fabrics upright towards the sun and not to have the PUL in the direct sunlight. If you have questions regarding your wash routine, please contact us and we can help point you in the right direction!

Of course! Our company would never produce anything that could potentially be unsafe for the new addition to your family. Cloth diapers are just as sanitary as the option of disposable diapers.

Our cloth diapers are made so that any “messes” your baby may produce will easily be cleaned in the wash! Using a regular laundry detergent will allow you the necessary cleanliness for you and baby. There’s no fear of wasting or running out of diapers when using cloth- Cloth diapers today are made with an array of natural fibers- we specifically use a lot of bamboo in our diapers and bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties in it that is just as good, if not better, than disposables.

Best of all, our diaper specifically- so not all cloth- but our diapers use extra wide elastic in the back to help keep messes in and it gently hugs the skin to prevent any leaks around the leg gussets.

Begin your cleaning routine with a wet bag- a general staple to the laundry process with cloth diapers! It is suggested that wet bags should be used after the diapers are rinsed. Rinsing is not necessary if diapers are being washed within 48 hours, however.

Some may suggest an important addition to the cloth diaper routine is a diaper pail, however they are not recommended unless it is an open air without a lid to allow airflow. A close lid diaper pail promotes bacteria and mold growth in the diapers because of the muggy environment.

Cloth diapers are the best choice on the market when it comes to saving your family the money you’d rather be using on your new little one.
It saves you in many aspects, from the process of going and picking up/ordering disposable diapers, all the way down to what happens once you throw your disposable diaper away- this is both a costly process for waste processing purposes as well as the environment.

It’s been estimated that cloth diapers can save you as much as $1,000 a baby! They can even be used for multiple children which saves even more AND
they actually hold resale value. Yup, people buy used cloth diapers to
save a buck! So you even get some of your money back (ultimately saving
you more).

About 10 diapers per day for 4 days, which equals out to approximately 40 diapers. OR, you can even use the covers of our Ai2-3 and conveniently switch out the inserts.
The inside is actually a wipeable PUL, so if pee or poo gets on it, you can just wipe it off and keep using the outer shell, and simply replace the inserts. A minimum of 10 covers and about 20-30 inserts would be good enough to be on the comfortable side!

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