I’d like to give a grand welcome to our new Chunkito Cheeks parents! We are so committed to your family, because our story began in the same way- with our family. we love bring you the best cloth diapers.

The benefits of using Chunkito Cheeks
reusable diapers are plentiful!

A Beautiful Journey To The Best Cloth Diapers

Before our full-time adventure into the diaper business, my husband was working two jobs order to allow me to be a full time Mom, follow my own passions, and most wonderfully enjoy raising our baby. This was the start to making the best cloth diapers

A comfortable baby is a happy BABY.

I began creating each of these unique, lovely gems, for my own son. Partly out of necessity for my new baby boy, and in part due to my hobby of fabric creations, I began to make handmade diapers.

Now, fast-forwarding to the beginning
of the exciting year of 2017

Our busy little baby is now almost two, and our once fabric hobby is springing into a sensational diaper business! My husband quit BOTH of his full-time jobs so we could take the leap from the laid-back Keys to Gainsville. Now that we’re here, we are digging in roots to dive into the diaper business, as both a couple and a family. We take great pride in being a family owned and operated company, through and through!

We are incredibly excited about the vast array of new products we offer,as well as our partnership with the DriButts foundation. Read on to find out more on how we help!

We’re looking forward to endless possibilities in the world of clean, baby friendly diapers, and are excited for you to come along with us!