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Mommycon Adventures with Chunkito Cheeks!

It looks like it’s that time again!  Mommycon is just around the corner and ready to help both brand new and experienced mommies have the the know-how on what’s going around in the world of baby products for the healthiest possible lifestyle!  We’re extremely excited here at Chukito Cheeks because finally, this very year of 2017, we get to go check it out and see what it’s all about this time around!  

From what I have read about the wonderful Mother’s conference that is Mommycon, this is absolutely the place to be when it comes to mothers of every background.  That is, whether you’re a new Mommy, or have toddlers, Mommycon is here to cover the entire spectrum of what you may encounter during your journey through Motherhood.  They ages covered are all the way from birth to five years of age.  Offered are multiple VIP packages to indulge in, and soak up as much baby education and baby brand education as possible to either welcome your new little one into the world or keep your current baby thriving and happy with the highest quality names in the business!

Mommycon is one of the most exciting cons anyone interested in cloth diapering can go to, as not only does Mommycon inform everyone of the latest products on the market as well as some of the best brand names to use for your baby, but there are plenty of seminars and kiosks that will inform you on how to use cloth diapers (though of course our site has lots of great faqs on how to use Chunkito Cheeks cloth diapers), as well as a number of other products.  One of the really cool topics they have lots of information about is babywearing, or the art of carrying your little sweetie on a sling up against you (so cute)!

I know Chunkito Cheeks is incredibly excited about going to Mommycon, and we hope you are too!!     


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Cloth Diapers are Environmentally Friendly!

This just in!  Cloth diapers are the cutest, most comfortable and functionally splendid product this side of the baby market.  All of over the world families beginning their new journeys into the blissful happiness of parenthood are in the search of what the best product will be once their little sweetie needs diapers.  We’re here to let them know cloth diapers are the way to go!  

Everyday I drive by a Floridian hill on my way to work, and a rancid scent rises within my nostrils making at least five entire minutes of my entire commute horrendous, as this putrid, unholy scent is, believe it or not, worse than any baby’s poopy diaper that you may be able to imagine (and I imagine you’ve been lucky enough to smell such a thing if you’re pursuing this site)!  And what, mayhaps, is this alien Floridian mountain doing in, well, Florida?  This, my inquisitive baby loving friends, is a monstrosity- a garbage mountain!

If you decide to make the choice to be kind to Mother nature, you certainly want to make the decision to choose cloth diapers!  When it comes to you sweet little angel babies, a choice between cloth diapers and environmental adoration are simply one in the same! Don’t make the enormous mistake of investing your hard-earned dollars into TONS of disposable diapers that will only end up adding to the Floridian garbage mountain (which, unfortunately, all states do have) hen cloth diapers are readily available, and I must mention, a million times cuter!

So many bright individuals, those who are always smart to the latest upgrade in baby products, are recently going the route of cloth diapers for the environmental effectiveness of them!  Sociologically, individuals around the world for various reasons (economically and reasons based on birth rate in some countries) are in search of different products for babies than those that have been on the market for years without real growth in any stylistic or functionality areas.  Disposable diapers are just as horrendous as they were for the environment ten years ago, and it’s certainly time for an answer to this enormous issue!  

Cloth diapers are here to lend a hand to the environment by avoiding additional pollution and issues that are already so apparent on our planet today, and so many are recognizing this.  While some may have called cloth diapers archaic or old fashioned in the past, in modern society the true value is recognized through the many ecological studies of what all of this immense garbage accumulation is truly doing to our environment.  We only have one Earth for your little one to grow up in- contribute to improving its condition and making it cleaning by investing in multiple cloth diapers today with Chunkito Cheeks!

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