Warranty Details for


We care deeply about the quality of the products we produce and sell.

From our diapers to our personal products for you, each one is carefully inspected not only at our manufacture, but also once product is in hand at our distribution center. Should you receive a product from us that is defective, we will be happy to take care of the situation right away. We sincerely apologize and will make the problem right.


Cloth Diaper PUL

The outer PUL is a complicated material. De-lamination and cracking of the PUL are two different problems. De-lamination issues will be assessed case by case and will require pictures/video/physical item and other information detailing your wash routine, to make our assessment. If it is deemed to be PUL that is flawed/faulty we will replace the diaper for you with the closest design/style that we can if we do not have the exact design/style available, at our cost. Cracked PUL happens when the PUL has encountered high heat- whether that we during the wash cycle (too hot of water) or in the dryer (dried on hot).

This is not covered by our warranty and we suggest you see our recommendations for washing/drying your diapers to prevent this from happening.


Cracked snaps on NEW products will be replaced for free by Chunkito Cheeks. Once the item is used, cracked snaps are no longer covered by our policy. There are many reasons why snaps could crack that pertain to laundry or storage of diapers and this would be out of our control. We will offer to fix for free in this situation if customer pays for shipping to and from Chunkito Cheeks. Snaps that have fallen off of product (not cracked- just fallen off) will always be covered by Chunkito Cheeks at any point of the diapers life.

This should never be an issue, but in case it is, contact us as soon as it happens so we can either fix or replace your item at our cost.


If you encounter any loose threads, it is possible that they were simply untrimmed and may not affect the quality and use of your diaper. If you have a thread in question, do not pull on it. Send pictures to us so we can guide you through how to handle the situation. If you have stitching that has completely come undone, we will need you to contact us with more detailed information. If the diaper has been used, this will likely not be covered by our warranty, though you are welcome to reach out to us and see what we think.

If you have received a new, unused and unwashed, diaper that has stitching completely undone- contact us right away and we will replace the product for you.


We cover elastics for the first 2 months of your diapers life with you. Many things can affect the way that elastics work. We recommend that you do NOT stuff your pockets while they are still warm from dryer or wash cycle. Over stretching the elastics while they are under any elevated temperature can cause them to stretch and lose recovery.

Warranty excludes things such as normal wear and tear, rips or cuts, any stains, leaks, etc.

All warranties listed above
Are only good when purchased directly through Chunkito Cheeks.
If you have purchased through one of our retailers or wholesale customers, you will need to contact them directly to discuss the issue with them and see what their warranty/policies are regarding the products they sell. Any claims submitted to Chunkito Cheeks will need proof of purchase and possibly more details and or pictures.