Washable Diapers are, of course, an absolute essential for any baby and there are many options available to new and expecting parents

While disposable diapers have cornered the market for many years, people are starting to realize that there are many drawback to using them. The benefits of using Chunkito Cheeks reusable and washable diapers are plentiful!

Washable Diapers

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Washable Diapers

Why Chunkito Cheeks Over Disposables?

Disposable diapers have been used by thousands of families, and their drawbacks are pretty apparent. Diapers are one of the largest recurring costs for parents. It has been estimated that a parent will spend between 1,800 and 2,700 dollars in disposable diapers on just one child alone! In contrast, using cloth diapers cost between 300 to 1,200 dollars from infancy to your toddler being potty trained.

Using Chunkito Cheeks is an excellent way to ensure a healthy environment for your baby’s future.

For every Chunkito Cheeks washable diaper you use, you’re preventing hundreds of disposable diapers from entering landfills! To ensure you won’t have to worry about your baby getting bad rashes, Chunkito Cheeks are also devoid of any harsh chemicals that some parents may worry about when it comes to disposable diapers.


Making the choice of Chunkito Cheeks means, as mentioned, that there won’t be as much of a worry over the cost of diapers.

In the long run, it’s comforting to know you have plenty of washable, reusable diapers around to keep your baby fresh and clean!
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Are you tired of the boring patterns poorly printed onto those stark white disposable diapers?

At Chunkito Cheeks, our cloth diapers offer a vast array of fun and exciting pattern. Whether you want to put your little one in a spiffy bright print, or mix up the usual diaper with a sweet pastel, Chunkito Cheeks will pull you away from those bland white diapers!
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Not only do we offer these differences, but our story and heart adds the company that is Chunkito Cheeks.

We have TONS of choices that are original and tweaked-to-perfection designs made by a loving Mother, for other loving Mothers who care so greatly about their bundles of joy!

Collect them all to throw some fun into your daily diaper routine!

There are so many more reasons that people cloth diaper!

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